Future iPhones Could Let You Type In Rain And Even Underwater

What if we tell you that iPhones in the future could let you type in the rain and even underwater? That’s right, the company has filed for a new patent that could give you the power to do all this more. The patent has been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and if all goes well, you could have this feature on an iPhone sooner than later.

As per the patent filed by Apple, iPhones could support moisture content on the screen and automatically adjust based on the conditions. The changes will be noticeable on the display, the control buttons and even the sensors built into the iPhone.

The sensors will be entrusted with making sure that any liquid drop does not result in false touches, which happens a lot right now. The filing also hints that the display will turn into a pressure-sensitive screen which only works when the user applies extra force, based on the level of moisture observed on the phone.

It gets further intriguing when you take the iPhone into the pool or put it outside in the rain. Apple is tuning the patent to allow the camera app to work in dry, wet and underwater modes.

We all know what happens in the dry mode, but with the wet and underwater modes, Apple will make sure the UI is not available for any action, and with the latter, the buttons are extra-large, simply allowing you to use the camera and some basic touch responses.

Apple will also ensure that the user knows the depth level of their iPhone, and alert them when it reaches the limits of its water resistance.

Apple has gradually adopted different IP ratings for iPhones. But the patent suggests the company wants to take its durability to another level. Having said that, this is just a patent filing, so we are not even sure if Apple will manage to offer it on an iPhone in the foreseeable future. For now, the patent keeps us excited and that’s all.