Holly Willoughby surrounds herself with crystals and sound bowls in ‘self care’ routine

Holly Willoughby appears to be taking inspiration from Gwyneth Paltrow after weaving crystals into her self-care routine.

The TV presenter, 41, who has just taken her summer break from This Morning, kickstarted her holiday by spending her Sunday surrounded by various gems as she enjoyed a sound bath.

Holly, who launched her lifestyle brand Wylde Moon in February this year, has been likened to actress-turned-wellness-guru Gwyneth.

Holly looked peaceful as she used selenite wands to create a calming sound from the crystal sound bowls.

The presenter wrote: “Self Care Sundays. There is no better way to start a relaxing Sunday off than with the soothing energy from sound bowls and healing crystals.

“How are you spending your Sunday?”

While crystal healing isn’t a new trend, Holly has helped to bring them to the mainstream and many of her followers have tried alternative therapies for the first time.

Fans flocked to the comment section to show their appreciation, with one writing: “I had a sound bath last week it was amazing. I’ve never had one before. I hope to have lots more.”

Another added: “I’ve just bought my first two crystals.”

Gwyneth started Goop in 2008 which begun as a weekly newsletter.

The website states the brand “operates from a place of curiosity and non-judgment and starts hard conversations”.

Holly launched Wylde Moon, a lifestyle website which explores topics from “beauty and fashion to energy and healing”, last September.

She said she was inspired to launch the platform while co-hosting I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in Australia in 2018 – and exploring the world of alternative therapies, including meditation and sound baths.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, Holly previously said: “I’m not afraid of the reaction to it anymore.

“If it doesn’t fit with what your thoughts and expectations of me are, well then there’s nothing I can do about it.

“I can’t change that. I don’t want to change that. And I’m not going to change that. This is me.”

The Wylde Moon platform is split into seven categories: women, moonboard, podcast, energy, beauty, style, and family.

Willoughby feels that people struggle with some of the ideas of her lifestyle brand, adding: “The moment that I launched Wylde Moon, the word ‘wacky’ got used a lot.

“I expected that. And that’s fine. I can’t change that. I’m not here to force any of this on anybody.

“It’s not, ‘Come and meditate with me,’ or, ‘Look at the moon and play a sound-bowl’.

“It’s, ‘Please go and do that thing that makes your heart sing. Go and do you.’”

Willoughby said the platform’s name comes from an old word for wild, which usually means ‘untamed’ and was used in reference to women.