Fisherman finds crab with full set of ‘HUMAN TEETH’ – and it looks terrifying

A deep sea fisherman has revealed his latest bizarre catch – a crab which appears to have a full set of human-esque teeth.

Roman Fedortsov, who works on a trawler in Murmansk in the northwest part of Russia, spends his time uncovering creatures from the deep.

Spending much of his life at sea, and delighting his 653,000 followers on Instagram with his finds (@rfedortsov_official_account), the fisherman often shares snaps of mysterious and frightening looking creatures.

Recently, Roman shared a snap of the strange crab with the caption: “Crabs…All the same, there is something attractive and repulsive in them. Mother Nature has tried…”

The snap of the bizarre sea creature racked up nearly 10,000 likes, with users horrified by its appearance.

One person commented: “That’s human teeth. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Another user joked: “Bro got better teeth than British people.”

“Looks like a Pokémon in the final stage of being beaten in battle,” said someone else.

Another person commented: “Looks angry.”

“Human incisors from above,” another person commented.

“Teeth like mine,” another user joked.

Someone else said: “Does he have human teeth?”

“Mother Nature likes crabs a little too much, she keeps making more!” said one person.

Another user dubbed the crab “the final boss””

Roman previously found a ghostly-looking catch he dubbed “Frankenstein’s fish”.

The creature was almost translucent, with sweeping fins, a long thresher-like tail and a ghostly-looking eye.

It also had strange markings giving the illusion it had been sewn together.

The news comes as the most dangerous beaches in the world in terms of animals found there and the landscape have been identfiied.

From perilous quicksand and carnivorous fish to a coast notorious for its shark attacks, these shores are far from pure.

Also on the list are tropical beauty spots hiding deathly secrets in its waves, and the UK’s own contribution where dozens have died.

And if you think those aren’t enough to keep you from ever setting foot on the sand again, one location even has wildlife not-so-affectionately referred to as “penis fish”, known for swimming up and lodging inside people’s bodies.